Artificial grass for home flooring – a brief guide!

There are times when you want to change the decor of your home. But, you might not understand how to do it. Give a budget-friendly face-lift to your home by installing artificial grass for home flooring in your budget flats in Kolkata. Make the indoor zone green and eco-friendly: Various types of flooring can be […]

Why You Should Choose Rajarhat For Buying Property in Kolkata?

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If you are looking to invest in property in Kolkata, you cannot go wrong with Rajarhat. The kind of development Rajarhat area in Kolkata has seen over the past decade is incomparable. Previous investors have seen great returns and the area has become one of the poshest neighborhoods in the city. Let’s find out why […]

Why You Should Choose Solar Lighting For Your Home?

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The major reason why anyone should opt for solar lighting in their house is because of its ecofriendliness. In this age of rapid global warming, going green should be everyone’s number one priority. To adopt solar lighting in your house, you do not have to set up fancy large solar panels. Tiny solar panels or […]

Why Birati can be a good choice for property buyers?

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Birati is a locality in greater Kolkata where you will find the best budget apartments and availability to all basic amenities. 2BHK and 3BHK flats are in high demand in this area and therefore are not too posh and quite affordable for middle-class families, looking for a budget property. Although in the outskirts of Kolkata, […]

Buying Home in Kolkata? Follow These Simple yet effective home buying tips

Home Buying Tips | Buy Flats in Kolkata | Luxurious Apartment | Eco friendly Homes

Home buying is definitely one of the significant issues which need proper decision making and gathering useful information regarding the home to be bought. If you buy flats in Kolkata, you need to keep certain things in mind. This needs to cater to all the criteria that you want and to make wise decisions, imply […]

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