All You Need to Know About Living Room Rugs and their Maintenance

All You Need to Know About Living Room Rugs and Maintenance | Evanie

There are indeed many reasons to include area rugs in a living room or family room. Area rugs provide comfort, warmth and decorative interest which include color, shape, pattern and many other features. They look like artwork on the floor and they can create a frame that can also complement the furniture. Rugs should be included as per the shape and size of the room and definitely the furniture.

Know all about Living Room Rug Maintenance

Rugs actually add warmth and texture in rooms. When you buy flats in Kolkata, you should make sure that you buy such rugs for your rooms that can be handled easily. Although the rugs make the appearance of living rooms quite vibrant and attractive, they are quite difficult to maintain and problematic to wash them too.

The first thing you should do is vacuum your area rugs just as often as you vacuum your carpet or sweep your hard floors. This is the basic way to clean them with ease. If the rugs are made up of materials like fur, then you should use talcum powder and let it get settled into them. You should brush through the fur quite gently, not with pressure in order to keep them intact.

Embellish but take good care!

You can certainly experiment with area rugs to embellish the interior decors, but also be careful about the materials. In case of 3 bedroom flats in Kolkata, you can certainly experiment with different material rugs but you should also make sure that the maintenance should not be same, rather vary, because of the variety of the materials being used. To have high longevity for your area rugs, don’t clean them vigorously or every single day. The colors can fade easily and the rugs can also lose the charm and warmth they produce.

Adding a rug to your room is actually meant to revamp your floors and interiors and change a room’s overall outlook. Hence, investing in a good quality rug means it will stand up to wear and tear over a long period of time. But the way you maintain it is something that actually counts.

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