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Who does not want to live in a grand style? How about relishing in high-class comforts along with having a peaceful time in the middle of a refreshing landscape? If you want to live in a sophisticated manner, then you should buy properties in Kolkata in the magnificent ambience of Aqua Spring residential property.

A place of aesthetic beauty


Aqua-Spring | Evanie | luxury property in Kolkata

Get a home where you can sense aesthetic pleasures. Imagine waking up in the morning with the chirping of birds. As you draw the curtains of your bedroom, the rays of the sun brighten up your room. When you stand in your balcony in the early morning, the fresh air and the greenery in the surroundings boost you up for an energetic day. Is it possible to get such a beautiful residential complex in Kolkata? With our Aqua Spring residential complex, you can certainly get to live in an abode which is equipped with first-rate luxuries and comforts!

A little about us…

We are running our business since 2013. We work under the flagship organization of Usashi Real Estate Private Limited. We have been successful in presenting exquisite apartments in various locations of Kolkata. We have been ruling the real estate world through our first class residential and commercial services. The price of flats has been kept reasonable for our home buyers.

Be surrounded by amenities

Aside from staying in the four-storey buildings which will have several facilities for the comforts of inhabitants, there are countless amenities within the precinct of the complex of Aqua Spring which will jazz up the pleasure of living. Have a relaxing time by immersing yourself in the swimming pool. Give your mind a mental massage of meditation and keep your body healthy by working out daily in the yoga centre and gym. Have a gala time with your fellow inhabitants by celebrating social functions and parties in the banquet hall. There is a separate sports zone where you can have a playful time indulging in various games. Satiate your appetite in Byanjon restaurant to have a great dining experience.

There are many other amenities waiting for you in the pleasurable dwelling zone of Aqua Spring. Book flats now to revel in the affordable residential complex in Kolkata in Aqua Spring.

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