Avoid these 5 errors while you design your kitchen!

kitchen remodelling mistakes

Kitchen is undoubtedly the heart of the home. Although, the kitchen was actually meant for preparing and cooking meals, but over the years, it has slowly transformed into the epicentre of our homes. Hence, the design of kitchen should be done in a way that’s smart, purposeful, modern and planned at the same time. But most of the times we tend to make a lot of errors while designing our kitchen.

So let’s see what are the common kitchen design errors and ways to avoid them:


Avoid these 5 errors while you design your kitchen

Forgetting to double-check all measurements: Always know that when it comes to kitchen design, every inch counts. So always measure twice to avoid misfit of cabinets, countertops, appliances and kitchen sinks. Inaccurate measurements are one of the most common kitchen design errors.

Ignoring space for smooth functioning of cabinets and appliances: Whether you buy flats in Kolkata or elsewhere, take note of various items in kitchen which need enough space to function effortlessly. For a kitchen to be fully functional, allow ample space for cabinet and appliance doors to open seamlessly without colliding with each other or facing any obstacle. Drawers and other appliances should open fully without interfering with handles of dishwasher and other items.

Not keeping enough countertop space: One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners do is not keeping enough countertop space and cramming them with appliances. Do not let small and big appliances like toasters, can openers and mixers occupy all the space in countertops.

Wasting storage space: Install shelves for extra storage space for accommodating all stuffs, so that no space is wasted. Adequate planning is important for space utilization and minimizing space wastage.

Poor lighting: You cannot afford to have poor lighting in your kitchen, whether it’s design, ambience or safety purposes. Consider direct lighting above all the main work areas.

All luxury and budget flats in Kolkata and elsewhere these days design kitchens in a way that fits your taste and budget. Hence, understanding these basic design errors will help you avoid them in your kitchen renovation.

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