Know How to Polish Wooden Floors

Know How to Polish Wooden Floors | Evanie |

Wooden floors have a vintage appeal that adds a lot of substance to the décor of your home. The best part is that wooden flooring can always be kept fresh looking and new just with few strokes of polish. Today we will tell you how to effectively and accurately polish wooden floors.

Clean the rest

It means you have to make space and make the room clutter-free before you can start polishing. Floor space should not be occupied, as dragging furniture over freshly polished floor will ruin the finish. You cannot easily gain access to the entire floor space if you have already stashed it with stuff.

Clean the floor

Just like we need shampooing before a hair spa, a wooden floor also needs to be neat and clean to get rid of dirt and debris. If there are any dust particles on the floor, it will form clump with the polish giving an uneven finish.

Remove marks

Erase all the marks and stains from the floor. After polishing, the marks will become more prominent.

Let it dry

After the thorough cleaning, drying is very important. Do not rush to polish right away; most polishes do not mix well with water as they are oily in nature. So keep patience and let your floor dry completely.

Start with small

A humble start is good for polishing. Do not dip the applicator in the polish; rather pour a little polish on the floor then apply strokes with an applicator. Make sure that the polish is not too much on the brush; it should not be dripping the wax.


Start polishing from the corners at your room. Never pour too much of polish. It dries quickly and would not let you finish properly.

No gap

While you make a new stroke, try to overlap the ending of the first stroke to avoid gaps. Gaps become visible after drying and give a very ugly and artificial look.

Dry again

Polish dries very fast. Wait at least for 1 hour and more in humid weather.

Floor polishing is a very easy task if it is done in one step. In case of two step polishing, buffing is needed. Whatever it is, it’s a fun thing to do if done with patience and a shiny floor changes the look of the room.

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