Safety Features To Keep In Mind Before Buying Home In High-Rise

Safety Features To Keep In Mind Before Buying Home In High-Rise | Evanie

The high-rise building construction concept possesses certain features and characteristics that make them unique and spectacular at the same time. These buildings are considered as the product of modern evolution. They are composed of sophisticated systems and essential components. Each of these systems carries out special roles. Most of the components in high-rise construction buildings focus on safety during emergencies or fire risk. They are more focused on fire systems to safeguard the occupants.

Safety Concerns in High-Rise Building Construction

The number of floors under construction: High-rise building construction has a major focus on the building fire and emergency concerns. The major requirement is to study the number of floors in the building under construction. The number of floors both above and below the grade has to be evaluated for the same purpose. The fire-fighting operations are very much dependent on how these levels are identified and labeled in the building.

Fire-fighting capability: It is essential to determine and identify the fire detection and the protection system that is available in the building where you have your 2 BHK flats in Kolkata. Various types of fire detection devices are installed in a high-rise building. These include smoke detectors, heat detectors, manual pull stations, the rate of rise, etc. It is extremely important to determine the location of the fire alarm in a building.

Materials used in roof construction: The material type of the roof, the type of equipment on the roof, the load that is carried by these structural components are the concerns regarding the roof construction. In high rise construction, the question of whether the roof has enough capacity to take the load of a helicopter is often raised. Other concerns are on the roof obstructions.

Water supply: To construct a fire protection system in the high-rise building, it is imperative to have a comprehensive knowledge of the built-in fire protection systems. Water supply is a vital concern along with the fire safety measure.

So, before buying 3 bedroom flats in Kolkata in a high-rise, check whether the building has the above-mentioned features or not. If they have, then only you should invest your hard earned money on buying the property.

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