Top 8 Mind-blowing Closet Design Ideas

Top 8 Mind-blowing Closet Design Ideas

One of the most efficient ways to organize personal items in the house is to custom space for closet design. Two things are to be kept in mind while designing your closet – ‘Function’, that is, the purpose which the design is intended to fulfill and ‘Aesthetic’ which is the design appealing to the senses.

Your dream closet design ideas should consist of the following:

Multiple rods: Clothes can be arranged more efficiently if there are multiple rods present in the closet.

Closet Drawers: Closet drawers are very important when it comes to storing smaller clothing items like gloves, scarf, undergarments and socks.

Efficient Doors: Closets can have four types of doors. Three of them include folding, sliding and pocket doors. They are efficient as they help to save floor space in 2 BHK flats in Kolkata. A hinged door opening into the room can provide space for small items, by adding hooks, hangers, pegs etc. on the back of door.

Sturdy Racks: Racks are normally designed to keep shoes and ties. Racks must be durable and sturdy.

Adjustable Shelves: Storage units that have built-in adjustable shelves provide flexibility in closet because the stored items are changed seasonally.

Depths of shelves: Shelving must conform to the items which are going to be stored. For example, shelves that are 14 inch wide should be reserved for wash clothes, hand towels, while shelves around 24 inches are to be reserved for large bed linens.

Closet Accessories: Closet accessories are needed to save small items. They include jewellery trays, shelf dividers, drawers and pull-out racks for belts and ties. There can be storage place for a fold up ladder and ironing boards.

Optimizing Walls: Walk-in closets normally offer three walls in order to storage, even if a window is included. While planning storage, the space that drawers cover must be considered and also the best use of the corners in the closet will have to be ensured.

It will be helpful to discuss the storage needs with reliable carpenters who are knowledgeable and would provide the best products and design solutions to help you in optimizing space in your 2 or 3 bedroom flats in Kolkata.

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