Which one is Best for Decorating Home, Paint or Wallpaper?

Which One is Best for Decorating Home, Paint or Wallpaper?

Be it buying a new home or decorating it, both are equally challenging tasks. Same is the case for decorating walls. Whether it is better to paint or to use wallpaper is actually a tough decision to make. If you have 3 bedroom flats in Kolkata, you can always experiment with both the options. Paint the walls in two bedrooms and use wallpapers in another. The walls of your home can get an easy makeover with the help of wall paint and wallpapers. Hence, be very particular about your choice.

Paint or Wallpaper, both have their own pros and cons :

1. The removal of wallpapers to substitute with another can be a tedious task that requires the right tools to be effective. This is certainly one of the major problems for wallpaper setting.

2. If you are painting over a damaged wall, prepare for imperfections, painting is certainly the best choice. Painting is perhaps the most favorable choice for budget flats in Kolkata.

3. But when we are talking about new homes, wallpapers are good choices for experimenting. Actually, they are highly durable and will hold up to wear and tear of children, high traffic areas and many of them are scrubbable.

4. Most buyers want the innovation of adding a texture to their wall with customized paint colors. This is mainly used in master bedrooms or lavish flats. Hence, if you buy apartments in Kolkata with a spacious structure, a mixture of painting and wallpapers can be a unique choice.

Now the wonderful world of wall finishes is vast and customizable. Hence, one can have the basic wall painting done with customized wallpapers. They look extremely stylish and classy. For the appeal of both, one can surely try paintable wallpaper or stick with paint or wallpaper. Variety in colors and finishes is a major plus point if you are looking to create an exclusive look for your home. So, you can be sure about the fact that both paints and wallpapers have huge variations these days. Experimenting with wall paints and wallpapers can actually lead to something very innovative.

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